A popular singer who is happier after marriage

It is known that the second marriage of famous singer Sunita took place in glory. MangoMovies head businessman Ram Veerapaneni was stabbed in the neck by Sunita. The couple got together on January 9th. Sunita and Ram got married at the Ammapalli Sitaramachandraswamy Temple in Shamshabad, a suburb of Hyderabad.

The ceremony was held in the presence of a small number of family members. Many cine political celebrities attended. Sunita’s friend Pawan Kalyan’s ex-wife actress Renu Desai and anchor Suma were present at the Mehndi function. It is known that a group criticized Sunita’s second marriage. Sunita who took all the light .. happily married in the presence of children.

Sunita, who has been in touch with fans on social media even after her marriage, has been posting her updates. He shared several photos in this order and declared that his life is now pretty much happy. However .. Sunita recently shared another photo. Sunita was very happy with the pic posted on her Instagram.

Not only that .. Looking at that photo, it seems clear that he has gone on vacation. With it also being posted on Valentine’s Day .. it definitely looks like it went on a holiday tour. However .. what is the location related to that vacation? That doesn’t make sense.

If you look at the background of this photo .. it looks like you are going to Maldives. Netizens are also expressing the same opinion. Where else did you go? Only Sunita can give clarity on the matter. Although the location is somewhere .. This photo is circulating the tribe on social media. Sunita hat goggles are superb.

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