Did Kodali Hawa start in that family ..?

The Akkineni family has a special place in the Telugu film industry. His successor Nagarjuna continued the legacy of Natasamrat Akkineni Nageswara Rao, one of the most enduring actors in the history of Telugu cinema. ‘King’ Nagarjuna, one of the senior star heroes, has been making films competing with young heroes even in his sixties. All the family leaders who came after him used ANNAR – Nags for their promotions. But now generations have changed. Nag seems to be focusing more on television than on the silver screen recently. In this context, there are comments in film circles that Kodalu Samantha Hawa is now running in the Akkineni family.

No one from the Akkineni family like Nagachaitanya – Akhil – Sumant – Sukhanth has ever entered the industry but received star hero range hits. Entering Akkineni as a housewife, Sam still continues to be a crazy heroine. On the one hand she balances family responsibilities, on the other hand she is busy in her career. Now it seems that all the Akkineni family heroes are using Samantha for their movie promotions. Now there is talk that the husband Naga consciousness range has also increased due to Sam. The star couple has now become the talk of the town. Samantha, who has become a support system for Naga consciousness, is said to be acting as an unofficial administrator for consciousness. However, now the talk is loud that Samantha Hawa has started in the Akkineni family.

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