Doing special songs, doing glamor roles does not reduce the chances: Archana

I started my career as a heroine with the movie “I”. Even after this I got a lot of good characters. Sita’s character in ‘Sri Ramadasu’ has brought me a better name, ‘said Archana. The movie ‘Annapoornammagari Manavadu’ starring Mahanati Jamuna as senior actress Annapoornamma Nayanamma and Master Ravi Teja as grandson. Baladitya and Archana played the heroines. MNR directed by Narra Shivanageswara Rao (Shivanagu). Produced by Chaudhary, the film is set to release on the 29th of this month.

Speaking to reporters on the occasion, Archana said, “I grew up watching Jamuna and Annapoornamma films. They are very happy to get the opportunity to act in a movie. This includes my role as a medical student. I’ve done a character who goes to great lengths for a loved one. The film also shows the ongoing honor killings in the society. Shivanagu has done my role wonderfully. K kalatapasvi. Visvanathgaru undiannaru happy appreciating this film is very consistent. ”

Archana was married to Jagadish in November last year. ‘We are both happy after marriage. I am a superstar in the eyes of my husband. We are currently staying in Hyderabad. 2020 has had a great impact on us. I wish everyone good luck this year. All the movies I have acted in so far have been well received by the audience. I will do anything sincere to the character I play. I love dancing. Doing special songs and glamor roles does not reduce the chances. I signed a project under the direction of cameraman Anji. My role in this is very interesting. ‘

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