Negative comments on Shruti .. Pawan fans happy

The crack hit. Everything is happy. But Shritihasan is an exception. There has been a lot of criticism on her look. Did you put on make-up to show her as a mother in the movie .. or put aside the fact that Shruti has changed so much in real life .. The common point of everyone is that Shruti does not look glamorous in the movie.

Another movie is coming soon from now on. The same lawyer Saab. Many feel that these criticisms will continue even in lawyer Saab. Pawan fans are already expressing some suspicion and fear in this regard. There is tension among them as to whether Shrutihaasan will be a minus for lawyer Saab.

But now that tension has eased a bit among Pawan fans. The reason for this is the clarity on Shruti Haasan’s screen time regarding the film.

Shrutihaasan appears in the film only for a very short time. In a recent interview, Shruti Haasan also revealed this. Announced that his was only a guest role. Shrutihaasan comes in a flashback episode on Over Lawyer Saab.

So, despite the criticism of Shruti Haasan’s beauty once again, Pawan’s fans are skeptical that the effect will not fall on lawyer Saab. In addition to not shooting a duet between Pawan and Shrutihaasan, her length in the movie will be further reduced. So the feeling of the fans is that Shruti Glamor is not a big embarrassment to the lawyer Saab movie.

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