Shruti appearing in the role of seniorstar‌ girlfriend

It is rumored that Kamal Haasan will play the role of Tanaya and star heroine Shruti Haasan in a challenging role. What is the role that Shrutihaasan will play so far? Do you think that? Appearing in the role of a senior star girlfriend. According to the details, a web series will be based on the novel ‘The Bestseller She Rot’. The story takes place between a superstar novelist and his young girlfriend. If Mithun Chakraborty plays the superstar novelist, Shruti will be seen as his girlfriend. While Mukul Abhyankar is directing the web series, Siddharth P. Malhotra will be producing the series. The producers are planning to complete this web series on a single schedule in Uttarakhand. It has to be said that doing the role of Ilami is challenging for Shruti Haasan. And we have to see how this sell will impress the audience.

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