They can’t even pay me the money I owe: Sunny Leone

Actress Sunny Leone has denied allegations that she was cheated on. She said half-cooked news is more dangerous than misinformation. Sunny argues that he never received the money according to the contract he made. The events manager complained to the police in Kochi that Sunny Leone had cheated on him. Sunny was questioned by Kerala police last week at a private resort in Thiruvananthapuram as part of the case investigation. It became a topic of discussion when the news came.

In Kochi, Sunny Leone took Rs 29 lakh from her to attend various inaugural events in the suburbs, but she cheated him by not attending any event, the event manager told the Kerala DGP. Shias stated in the complaint filed. He made the case in connection with an incident in 2019.

However, Sunny Leone said she was not at fault in the matter. The event organizer is lying and the law will take action against him. Actress Sunny said she had to change her schedule several times due to the event organizer. He alleged that the event manager did not stick to the date no matter how cooperative he was. It is common for an actress to lock in a date and pay in advance. However, this has not yet happened in the case of event organizers. He said he could not decide the date and time of the event.

Also, Sunny Leone was accused of not paying the money on time because of that. Sunny said they were shooting at night in the current difficult situation and risked their lives to push the industry back two feet. At a time like this he was severely plagued by scandals and immoral allegations that came in the form of event coordinators. Sunny Leone revealed that she has already given a statement to the investigating officers and that the law will continue its work. Sunny is currently in Thiruvananthapuram as part of the shooting of the new season of ‘Slips Villa’.

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